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The Protocol Place is 1 year old!

2013_0315_Happy Birthday Protocol Place

A Work in Progress

Approximately 1 year ago, the Protocol Place was created with the goal of making protocols and tutorials freely available to the scientific community.  So far, the Protocol Place contains around 20 protocols that I tried to write concisely, yet with enough detail that others can hopefully start a new technique without much troubleshooting.  I have also made my first YouTube Video Tutorial Series in order to demonstrate how to perform an ELISA, a very common lab technique used to measure proteins.  I integrated the ELISA video tutorials with the written ELISA Protocol, and I would like to do the same with other protocols in the future, as time allows.


So how did the Protocol Place fare in terms of viewership in it’s first year?  Surprisingly well!  Over the past year, the Protocol Place gained a global audience of 100+ countries (according to YouTube statistics).  In addition, the Protocol Place website and ELISA video tutorials are together getting around 7,000 views/month, and their monthly views seem to be growing quite rapidly (see this brief report).

Visitor Feedback

We have received some very kind feedback from Protocol Place visitors (it’s much appreciated!).  Here are a few excerpts from some of the emails and video comments that were received this year:

“I just saw your website.  I’m a research fellow working in Harvard Medical School and I just started research. I’ve seen a few of your videos and they are extremely useful. In certain labs, not everyone likes teaching or sometimes people are very busy and don’t have time. I found it very difficult even as an MD to learn how to do certain experiments and wasted a lot of time and had difficulty for no reason. When you are not taught well, you also waste a lot of resources due to mistakes. I just wanted to say thank you for preparing these videos.”

“Awesome video! I’ve been trying to understand this since like forever. Thanks to this tutorial I did.”

“I’ve literally been trying to understand ELISA for weeks now through books and written explanations. None of them worked nearly as well as this video, thank you!”

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Protocol Place, please feel free to send me an email at <youssef@protocol-place.com>.

Thanks for a great first year, and I wish you all the best!

Youssef Farhat