All praise and thanks belongs firstly to the all-knowing originator of the universe, whose blessings upon mankind are innumerable.  I hope that this humble effort to spread knowledge and make things a little easier for the scientific community is accepted as a good deed done in His name.

Many Protocol Place videos were filmed in my advisor, Professor Hani Awad’s Lab, at the University of Rochester Center for Musculoskeletal Research.  I am indebted for his abundant support for my professional development and for allowing me to film in the lab.  This work wouldn’t have been possible without those two factors.

Next, I want to thank some of my colleagues at the University of Rochester.  In particular, those who have helped me learn some of the techniques described in the Protocol Place.  These include:

In addition, I want to acknowledge my wife, Alaa, who has been a great help to me in my life and work.  She is always by my side and supporting me in the lab and everywhere else.

I also want to thank all Protocol Place visitors who have been kind enough to send me feedback.  I wish you all success in your work and studies!

And lastly, I’d like to thank our sponsor, Calbiotech, whose partnership has helped the Protocol Place grow and improve in what it has to offer.

Thank you all!

Youssef Farhat

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