The Protocol Place believes that research students and lab personnel should not have to pay for access to learning materials that will benefit their work.  Therefore, the Protocol Place is committed to keeping all of its information free and open to the public.

We are also confident that the Protocol Place would have much more to offer the research community if it had access to the appropriate resources (professional cameras and video editing software, additional computer power, and so forth).  In order to raise funds for expanding and improving our content, we are currently accepting sponsorship from Biotech companies, particularly those who manufacture products that are likely to be used by our visitors.  In return for sponsoring our work, the Protocol Place will raise awareness of our Sponsors via a limited number banner and video advertisements.

Our goal for advertisements is to be both minimally distracting/annoying to our readers, while at the same time effective in allowing interested readers to visit our Sponsors’ websites to learn more about their products.  In the end, our Readers benefit by having access to free materials that help them with their work, our Sponsors benefit by gaining valuable exposure to a targeted audience, and the Protocol Place benefits and is able to grow by the help of its Sponsors.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the Protocol Place can send an email to the authorYoussef Farhat <youssef@protocol-place.com>, to get the process started.

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